Sabtu, 10 April 2010

Apa Remaja Kate???

"Nokia is looking for 12 dynamic individuals to battle it out for internships at four high-profile companies. Armed with just a Nokia E72 , Nokia Messaging and their wits, contestants will take on a series of challenges. Of the final four contestants, the ultimate champion will be crowned The Rookie and win a RM10,000 cash prize. If you think you’ve got what it takes to be The Rookie, seize this opportunity and prove it".

Kepada member-member Youthsays yang belum join kempen ni lagi jom la kita beramai-ramai join..Kepada yang belum menjadi ahli Youthsays dan berminat untuk join the club boleh click sini yang penting umur mestilah 13-35 tahun. Membership is FREE & currently open to youths from Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore

to all frenz yang da join youthsays.. leh la support sini dan leave url korang.. nanti aku tolong support korang balik :-)

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